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    Boosted skateboards used to make quality electric skateboards that were fun to use and are designed to improve your commute. You could ride at speeds of up to 28 km/h and ranges of up to 22.5km. Experience premium performance on your journey's from train to home, work or uni. Ben Buckler Boards were proud to stock and sell only the best electric skateboards in the world. 

    Specification comparison between Boosted Mini X and Boosted Stealth

    Boosted Mini X Boosted Stealth
    Range 22.5kms 22.5kms
    Top Speed 32.5 km/h top speed and super responsive acceleration 38.6 km/h top speed and super responsive acceleration
    Hill Climbing Up to 20% Grade Up to 25% Grade
    Weight 7.6Kgs 7.71Kgs
    Power 1000 Watts 2100 Watts
    Deck material Deep Dish Composite Deck Super Flex Composite Deck
    Trucks 190mm CNC Precision Machined 190mm CNC Precision Machined
    Remote Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote
    Ride Modes 3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros 3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros
    Dimensions- Mini S 28cm (W), 75cm (L), 14.5cm (H) 28cm (W), 75cm (L), 14.5cm (H)
    Brakes Regenerative Brakes Regenerative Brakes
    Wheels Boosted Lunar 80mm Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels
    Apps iOS and Android(TM) iOS and Android(TM)
    Charge Time 1 hr 45 min 1 hr 45 min