Blonde riding a Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo Boards


    Meepo Electric Skateboards

    Meepo electric skateboards represent great value for money because of a high standard of reliability, unusual to this price category.

    Meepo is one of the first to manufacture high quality value-driven electric skateboards in China. Founded by Kieran Mao, the company thrives on innovation, passion, and quality. All Meepo boards are handcrafted on-site in Meepo’s Shenzen factory. Over 120,000 Meepo Board riders in 70+ countries have fallen in love with electric skateboarding.

    Meepo's mission is to build the highest quality and most affordable electric skateboards. When you buy electric skateboards from MEEPO, you’re getting amazing value for money.

    Superior Skateboard Quality

    Meepo Skateboards use only high quality parts that are individually sourced by Meepo expert engineers and designers.

    Leading Skateboard Innovation

    Our Research and Development team is always looking for its next challenge. Our passion and forward thinking approach allows our technology to lead the industry and define future trends.

    Exceptional Skateboard Design

    Meepo want their electric skateboards to work perfectly and look exceptional as well. Meepo in-house designers strive to design the best looking eskateboards on the market.

    Meepo Safety and Reliability

    All components of Meepo electric skateboards go through rigorous testing to assure quality. This helps to guarantee the high standards of Meepo skateboard products and the safety of our riders which is Meepo's utmost concern.

    First Class Customer Support

    Meepo care and strive to make all of our customers happy. Meepo promise to put the customer first and give everyone the best experience possible, both before and after purchasing. If Meepo can't help you, the Ben Buckler Boards team will step in to give you the extra layer of support in Australia. More piece of mind when purchasing Meepo Skateboards from Ben Buckler Boards in Australia.