Lacroix Jaws 2.0™ Electric skateboard
Lacroix Jaws 2.0™ Electric skateboard
Lacroix Jaws 2.0™ Electric skateboard
Lacroix Jaws 2.0™ Electric skateboard
Lacroix Jaws 2.0™ Electric skateboard

Lacroix Jaws 2.0™ Electric skateboard

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Lacroix Jaws 2.0 Electric Skateboard

This premium and ultra-fast electric skateboard from Canada is the last new Lacroix board available in Australia for sale, if not the world. In October 2023 Lacroix announced that they have stopped trading, likely insolvent due to the increasing costs to manufacture skateboards at such a high standard. 

Limited Warranty: Because Lacroix Skateboards are no longer in business, our ability to get parts and support is limited to our best efforts. Meaning that we will try our best to support your Lacroix product, however you are purchasing this product with the full understanding that we may never be able to find a replacment part for your skateboard.

This new 2.0 version of the Jaws still has industry leading 6389 motors, a new modular, easily serviceable, flexible 12S4P battery pack and the bombproof Lacroix Hypertrucks™. The Jaws™ is about pure, fun, 12S performance. If you're tired of the performance of your current "production" board but don't want to break the bank (well, only a little), this one's for you.

Lacroix' Hypertrucks™ developed in conjunction with RipTide Sports™ (market leader in urethane bushing technology). Combined with the bushings, they make the board feel on rails at high speed yet super carvy at low speed. And on a medium-loose setting, i.e. one on which you would not do a speed run usually, they Self Correct Speed Wobbles™.

Using the Stormcore 60D+ motor controller, it shares the same new redesigned deck and carbon fiber enclosure as the Nazaré Supersport™.

The Jaws 2.0 is our snowboard simulator in its simplest, no-frills, expression.

Jaws 2.0 tech specs

Lacroix Jaws 2.0
Top speed More than you need (60kph/39mph)
Range  26-35 km (16-22 miles)
Battery Capacity 706wh - 12s4p (Molicel-INR21700-P42A)
Charge time 90-100 min
Weight 13.1Kg 
Motors Dual 190kv 6389
Trucks Lacroix' Hypertrucks™
Hill climb 40% Gradient
Dimension 107*48*20cm (L*W*H) (42in x 19in x 8in)