Meepo Mini 5 electric skateboard with black deck grip, wheels and remote.
Female riding Meepo Mini V5 electric skateboard


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Meepo Mini 5 Electric Shortboard

The Meepo Mini 5 is a compact powerhouse that packs a punch. Don't let its small size fool you; this little rocket is ready to take you on a thrilling adventure through the streets. With a top speed of 45 km/h and a range of up to 32km, you can zip through the urban jungle like never before.

Dish Shaped Deck with Kick-tail 

The dish shaped deck will keep your feet locked in, allowing for a more controlled and responsive ride. Superior control lets you really dig into every turn.Use the kick-tail to take sharp turns, easily ride over bumps and cracks, and expertly manoeuvre your board keeping your ride thrilling and fun.

Powerful, Quiet, Easy-Swap

After 6 years of evolving, the 6th-Generation Meepo BLDC hub motors have great power efficiency (500W X 2) while quiet. Plus, its easy swappable structure allows you to replace and renew the outer PU sleeves in case of wearing or adapting to different terrains with upgradeable wheel choices.

Excellent Battery Discharge

High rate discharge and excellent thermal stability of battery, and outstanding battery cycles (after 200 times of full charging and discharging, remains more than 80% capacity). We use top-tier branded battery cells, 18650(for standard versions) and 21700 (for ER versions) This helps to provide sufficient range for your campus, commuting and street surfing.

Field-oriented Control

The LY-FOC 1.0 ESC (Electronic Speed Controller, aka the brain of e-boards) allows the board to be manoeuvred more precisely. We use the latest LY-FOC ESC programmed and designed by MEEPO and Lingyi TECH in collaboration together. It samples input from the remote and the motor 1000 times per second (every millisecond). The precise control makes the ride much smoother and much more beginner-friendly.

Powerful and Stable

The board features powerful 500W x 2 motors enabling you to reach an astonishing speed of 28 mph/45 kph. As one Mini 5 owner described it, "the ride is so smooth, you almost feel like you're ice skating".

Small and Portable

At only 30" long, the Mini 5 fits perfectly under your desk at work, in overhead storage on buses and trains, and won't slow you down as you navigate busy public transit stations. Moreover, with a weight of just 17.9 lbs, it is compact and easy to take anywhere.

5th Gen Shredder 45° Truck

The R&D team at Meepo found the perfect combination of stability and responsiveness from our new 45° truck.The designing of shredder trucks was inspired by longboard downhill racing trucks. The Meepo 5th Generation Shredder 45° Truck adopts a double tall barrel bushing of 19mm 92A, providing more stability when riding at high speed. The heightened bushing is more responsive and enables more agile turning at stable speeds. They are made of A356 aluminium alloy with the latest high density formula.

The Pocket-sized Connective Remote

The four ride modes allow beginners to familiarize step by step. You can control all four different levels of the acceleration & braking modes independently. Utilizing the 2.4 GHz channel and a signal booster on both the remote and the LY-FOC ESC, it ensures the stable and secure connection between the board and the remote, even in the harshest of signal interferences. The 4 lights accurately show the remaining battery capacity, so that the skater can concentrate on the ride itself.

What‘s in the box?

 Meepo Mini 5 Meepo Mini 5 ER
User Manual User Manual
M5 Remote M5 Remote
Remote Charger Remote Charger
T-tool T-tool
42v/1.5A Standard Charger 42v/3A Standard Charger

Meepo Mini 5 Specs

Meepo Mini 5 Meepo Mini 5 ER
Top speed 45kph 45kph
Range  18km 32km
Charge time 2.8h 2.8h
Deck 8 Ply Canadian Maple 8 Ply Canadian Maple
Weight 7.9kg 8.4kg
Rider weight limit 150kg 150kg
Trucks 5th Gen Shredder 45˚ Truck 5th Gen Shredder 45˚ Truck
Hill climb 18% / 10˚ 18% / 10˚
Motor Power 500W x 2 500W x 2
Remote M5 M5s
Wheels 90x60mm, 78A 90x60mm, 78A
Waterproof IPX5 IPX5
Dimensions 762 x 282 x 163mm 762 x 282 x 163mm