Onewheel+ XR
Onewheel+ XR
Onewheel XR close up view
Onewheel XR being ridden along the pavement
Onewheel XR
Riding a Onewheel XR into the sunset along the road
Close up of Onewheel XR
girl balancing on a onewheel in the desert
Carving on a dirt wall with the OneWheel
skidding in the dust with the OneWheel skateboard
Onewheel+ XR
Onewheel XR on the road in Sydney
Riding a Onewheel XR along a wall
Onewheel+ XR
Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel+ XR

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The Onewheel+ XR is so much fun and now it's available at Ben Buckler Boards in Sydney! It’s around the same size as a skateboard, at 73cm long and a little under 25cm across. But it weighs only 11 kilograms.

Onewheel also has an app for your smartphone that connects to your board via Bluetooth. The app dashboard shows stats like the board’s battery level, your speed, how many kilometres you’ve ridden and your range.

The Onewheel+ XR app also allows you to tinker with the board’s settings, or what Onewheel calls “Digital Shaping”. It has five different selectable profiles, ranging from “Sequoia” to “Delirium,” each with different max speeds, different levels of responsiveness, and an estimation of whether they’d be best for town or trail. Sequoia is the laziest setting, with a max speed of 19 kilometres per hour , while Delirium ramps things up to 32 kilometres per hour.

Black Fender bundle contains:
1 x Onewheel+ XR
1 x Black Fender

Pro bundle contains: 
1 x Onewheel+ XR
1 x Black Fender
1 x Hyper Charger

Onewheel+ XR Specifications:

Onewheel+ XR
Motor 750W Hypercore® hub motor
Battery Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) 
Sensors Solid State MEMS 6-DOF
Tyre 11.5" x 6.5-6" Vega
Max Lean Angle >30°
Top Speed 30kph
Typical Range 19-29km
Dimensions 24cm x 29cm x 75cm
Weight 12.2kg
Recharge Time 110 mins with standard home charger *
Digital 2.0 Shapings Sequoia / Cruz / Elevated / Mission / Delerium/ Custom

*Charge time estimated starting from a 10%-90% charge.

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Please note: Onewheels are for off-road use only, according to the Australian road rules.

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