Boost Fin Maintenance 101

How to make sure your Boost Fin stands the test of time both in the water and out.

Before First Use

Make sure to fully charge your Boost Fin as soon as you receive it. Even if you don't use the fin, charge the battery until it's completely charged. And if it's not regularly used, we recommend charging the fin at least once a month.

Before Riding

When using your Boost Fin in water, the charger jack must be sealed. Cap it with a standard jack plug or a wax earplug. Before riding, always secure the charger jack.

After Riding

After a surf session, rinse your Boost Fin with clean water. Never charge your fin if the jack is wet. Before charging, make sure the jack is completely dry. 
If you notice water inside your jack after your session, it is possible that you did not close the plug tightly enough. Consider getting a silicon earplug. It completely covers the charging port and is extremely simple to use.

Cleaning Corrosion

If you notice any corrosion on the jack, clean it as soon as possible. Use a toothbrush and an electrical contact cleaner, such as the CRC QD Electronic Cleaner, to clean. You can also use your preferred plastic-safe electrical contact cleaner.

After cleaning, apply a waterproof lubricant for electrical contacts to the contact to extend its life. CRC Dielectric Grease, for example, or any other similar waterproof and plastic-safe grease of your choice.

Remote Maintenance 

Change the battery in the remote control on a regular basis to ensure a steady signal.

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your Boost Electric Surf Fin stays in good condition and performs at its best for many waves to come.

Well done on reading through all the maintenance tips, please reach out to us if you have any more questions.