FAQ's on the new Super73 S2-E & RX-E ebike models

When the new Super73 models arrive in Australia later this year, it'll have been almost 12 months since we attended the launch party in LA in January. So like everyone else, we've been waiting a very long time, but as Gran always said, 'good things come to those who wait'.

The whole global pandemic thing really messed up the supply chain, but on top of that, our bikes are taking longer than the American bikes because, well, our Super73 versions are just better :) Yep, we'll be getting the European spec bikes with Magura brakes for better stopping power and 10 speed gears for better pedal power. We'll also be getting the throttles for unlimited mode, for all those customers with access to private property.

For most of 2020, customers have been asking us questions about the new Super73's and we've been digging up the answers from our Super73 mates in America and Europe. Here is our collection of frequently asked questions for your reading pleasure.

Frequently asked questions on the S2-E and the RX-E 

Can I dink someone on the back of the S2-E or RX-E?

Yes the new Super73 frames on the S2-E and RX-E are designed to carry a passenger. Max load is 147Kg on the bike.

 Carrying a passenger on a Super73 RX ebike


Why are the Super73 model numbers different to the US versions?

The 'G' in our Super73 model names refer to the word 'Global', because our bikes are a global version, sold in Europe, Australia and soon New Zealand. Our Super73 bikes comply with the European ebike laws as well as Australian ebike laws. For more information on the differences, we've written a page comparing the American versions vs the Australian versions.

What is the motor version in the S2-E & RX-E?

We'll be receiving the Gen3 motors which are the latest and have all the fixes in place. Some early customers in the US had experienced motor failures and have had their motor replaced by Super73. It is expected that the earlier issues will be resolved in our Australian release.

Does the S2-E and RX-E come with a throttle?

In Australia, like in Europe, we'll be selling the throttle as an accessory, because when you add the throttle, the bike will no longer be legal to ride on Australian roads or cycle paths. The throttle is for private property use only. We've created a page with more information on the throttle and unlimited mode

Instead of pre-ordering, can I just order when they arrive? 

Possibly, Super73 ebikes normally sell out before they arrive in Australia, so it's best to get an order in here: https://benbucklerboards.com.au/collections/super73

Do I have to pay the full amount upfront or is a holding deposit ok?

Pay the full amount if you'd like the pre-order discount and free stuff. Deposit if you just want to hold your place in the queue, however you'll need to pay the full retail price of the bike when it's available.

If the orders are delayed or I change my mind can I get a refund?

To be fair to all customers wanting to joint the pre-order queue, we'd rather not take your order if you're going to be worried about delays or if you're not certain. Timing is largely out of our control, therefore refunds will be available after the bikes have landed in Australia.

When will the Super73 accessories, like the rear carrier be in for these models?

We're not entirely sure on accessories timing yet, but we are working on it as we speak. The important thing for now is to get the bikes into Australia, then we'll be building up the accessory options.

Do you stock Super73 parts in case there is a problem with the bikes?

Yes, we will be stocking all the spare parts as we are the Australian Distributor for Super73 and we support all the Super73 bikes in Australia.

If you ever have an issue, we will help diagnose it remotely, then send you the required part and show you how to replace the part via video or you can take it to a bike mechanic for assistance.

Have you ridden both models? I’m having a hard time deciding between the S2-E and the RX-E...

Both are awesome bikes! The RX-E is more expensive because it has adjustable rear suspension which needs expensive components, plus it's time consuming to build a frame that supports that movement. We'd suggest going with the bike that suits your budget. If you can afford the RX-E, then get the RX-E.

Can my mates come and drink in the back of a ute, while I pose for a photo shoot?

I don't see why not, as long as they drink responsibly.

Super73 RX-G in carmine red next to ute