Introducing Meepo!

"It isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey!"

We are stoked to be supplying awesome new electric skateboards from Meepo. Meepo is an inspiring brand whose objective is to make electric skateboarding accessible for everyone and encourage electric skateboard use as an ecological solution to transportation needs.


meepo board left - ben holding meepo shuffle board right 

Their mission is to manufacture high-quality, value-driven electric skateboards so more people can ride electric. Their company thrives on innovation, passion, and equality. 

They share Ben Buckler Boards' passion for the fundamental values and perks of electric skateboarding. 

Why ride an electric skateboard?

As you well may know we are all about electric transport. It is one of the fastest-growing modes of transportation due to its maintenance cost, zero carbon emissions, and convenience of transport. An e-skate board can change your commute to work drastically by allowing you to avoid busy public transport and getting you there in a safe, quick manner. Also, it's just pure fun, being a part of the e-skate community and allowing endless amounts of outside rides.

A brief Meepo History

In April 2017, Kieran Mao, a skate obsessed visionary, built an electric skateboard for himself and showcased the innovative board on YouTube. In doing this he caught the attention of the electric skateboard community and was inundated with orders. As the demand for his state-of-the-art boards increased, Kieran, an engineer at the time, quit his day job and Meepo Board came into being.

His uniquely shaped concave deck design spoke to electric skateboard fans, as their first version the V1.5 became a best seller in the US. The demand for their boards increased allowing their team to hire a dedicated and qualified team since day dot. 

The demand for their boards further increased and viral marketing across platforms further boosted the order volume. This allowed Kieran to start hiring a dedicated and qualified team that has been growing since day one. 

 All Meepo boards are handcrafted on-site in Meepo’s Shenzen factory. Over 120,000 Meepo Board riders in 70+ countries have fallen in love with electric skateboarding. 



An electric skateboard five years in the making, designed for everyone! Hub drive, simple, reliable and affordable.

Meepo shuffle board on table ocean in the background

"The quality electric skateboard that everyone can own"

Meepo V Series boards yields, to this date, the most units sold, making them undoubtedly the most classic electric skateboards on the market. Their latest board, the Meepo Shuffle, which is the 4th iteration of the V Series, is the outcome of our continuous dedication to research and development over the last 5 years. From this, the Shuffle has evolved into a board that can be enjoyed by everyone. With the press of a button, your commute goes from boring to adrenaline!

Meepo board - back of board on its side - ocean background - meepo remote

Champion of torque and efficiency

Equipped with the latest 4th-Generation hub motors, the Meepo Shuffle boasts an impressive 20% torque increase compared to our V3 motor. More impressively it still maintains our industry renowned power efficiency. Hub motors are no longer excluded from the hill climbers club and dominates belt driven boards with its robustness, insane power efficiency and quietness.

side shot meepo shuffle board against ocean background

Backed by Australian Support

Support for Meepo is in Sydney, Australia, where you get faster responses to your inquiries and replacement parts are readily available for if things don't go to plan. There is a 12 month warranty on all Meepo skateboards purchased from Ben Buckler Boards.

Meep Shuffle graphic art advertisement - features meepo board and colourful panda with white text

Thousands of riders across the globe are cruising around cities and towns with the Meepo Shuffle making it one of the most popular electric skateboards on the market.


Range 17.7 KM
Top Speed 29mph
Deck 8 Ply Canadian Maple + 1 Ply Fibreglass
Dimensions 915*230*127mm
Hill Climbing 30%
Battery 144Wh
Remote M4S
Motor Power 620W*2
Trucks Shredder 45° Downhill Trucks
Charging time 3.5hr
Max load 150kg / 330lbs
Wheels 90*62mm, 78A
Weight 7.8kg / 17.1 lbs




Meepo board product shot- black and orange board orange wheels on white background


The Meepo Mini 2 Shortboard 

The Meepo Mini 2 is Meepo's best electric shortboard. It is a beast with motors to match, enabling you to reach an astonishing speed of 46 kph!

Meepo mini board in autumn leaves with feet riding it- board is elevated off the ground

The Meepo Mini 2 is a 30-inch short deck with a fully functional kicktail making it easier to turn, you can do leg pushing and it's portable. Riders appreciate the beautifully crafted seven layer maple deck and the deck nose protection technology. Along with its sleek design and small size, this is the ideal choice for anyone wanting an electric shortboard.

meepo mini board shot- grey background

This board is the ultimate riding experience. Thanks to the wider deck you will be able to do turns easier and your stance will be more comfortable.

In a nutshell

What makes the Meepo Mini 2 such a great board?
The Mini 2 feels like a regular skateboard and you can also leg push it. It’s a great option for riders who want to work on their their skills while enjoying a great ride. Its small and easy to carry making it the perfect choice if you are using public transport. Don’t be fooled its still a powerful motor and you can experience the rush of riding a longboard.


close up picture of meepo mini wheels


Top Speed 29 mph/46 kph
Standard Range 11 miles/ 18 km
ER Range 20 miles/ 32 km
Hub motors 2 x 540 Watts
Remote  M4S
Charging Time 2hr
ESC Meepo ESC V6.5
Trucks  Shredder 
Wheels 90 mm x 60 mm 78A
Brakes Regenerative (Restore 22% of battery)
Deck 8 layers of true Canadian maple
Length Of Board 30”/ 76.2 cm
Width Of Board 9”/ 22.86 cm
Wheelbase 21.5”/ 54.61 cm
Hill Climbing Capacity 30% grade
Weight Limit 330 lbs/ 150kg
Weight Of Boards 6 lbs/ 7.27 kg (Standard) 18 lbs/ 8.18 kg (ER)

product shot of meepo mini on white backgroun


Demo rides are available for both boards. We are open 9-5, Monday to Sunday! 



Article written by Stella