New product features

Every year we continue to perfect our gorgeous products and this Summer we’ve reached a new high. We’re so excited to show them off after months of hard work!

New Paddle Board Bag Features:

  1. We’ve pushed the board bag zip further around the board bag to make it much easier to get your boards in and out of the bag.

    Paddle board in bag with zip open

  2. We’ve made one side of the board bag a water and sun resistant silver tarp material. It’s perfect for long car trips, as the silver side faces up when on the roof. And works well in reducing dirt on your black bag, when you place the silver side down when putting it on the ground.

    paddle board bag showing both sides

You can buy a board bag now or they come with the full package when you purchase a paddle board package online.


New Paddle Features

  1. We’ve added a new ‘ABS’ blade protection system – Effectively it’s a nice white rubbery edge that is integrated with the blade edge to reduce scratches on your paddle and paddle board.

    paddle for stand up paddle board, showing ABS edge protection

  2. We’ve added extra support to the adjustable clip component to increase the strength life of the adjusting joint.

    adjustable component on the paddles from Ben Buckler Boards



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Thanks for reading and checking us out. If you have any further questions please contact us now.