by Ben Buckler Boards


Product Description

Ben Buckler Boards makes awesome paddles for stand up paddle boarding.

Our paddles are made of premium grade carbon fibre making them super strong and super light. The blade is finished with a wood veneer and stamped with the Ben Buckler Boards triple BBB. This is the 3rd generation of paddles from Ben Buckler Boards, designed to support you through learning on flats to surfing in open water.

The thick poles provide you with a good grip surface as well as the strength needed keep you stable on the waves. Wax can also be applied to the poles to increase grip.

The non-adjustable paddle needs to be cut down to your preferred height and the handle needs to be glued in with epoxy glue.

The adjustable paddles are ready to go and the handle height can be adjusted any time, even on the water.

Our latest adjustable paddle in light wood has an in-build rubber protection layer around the edge of the blade to prevent scratches. You can see this in the white line in the photos. The light wood adjustable paddle also has a double strength adjustment clip for increased durability.

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