The Renegade - Everything you need to know about Evolve's newest board.

Unleash Your Off-Road Spirit with the Evolve Renegade Electric Skateboard!

Get ready to embrace the thrill of off-road adventuring like never before with the Evolve Renegade, a beast of an electric mountain board designed for the fearless riders who crave the roads less traveled.

Unmatched Power and Speed

With a rugged aesthetic and top-notch performance, the Renegade can reach speeds up to 42 km/h (26 mph) and cover an impressive 50 km (31 miles) on a single charge. Equipped with the EFOC motor controller, 6000-watt motors, and a massive 20Ah battery, this board roars with power to conquer any challenge in its path.

Conquer All Terrains

Evolve renegade all terrain forged trucks.



The Renegade is not just a cruiser – it's a true off-road beast that thrives in the wild. Fitted with the new Evolve Renegade Forged Trucks, wider than ever for maximum stability, and swappable bushings for customizable turning capabilities, this board pushes the boundaries of what's possible on an electric board.

Revolutionary Deck Design 

Evolve renegade deck flex.


At its core lies a revolutionary deck crafted with solid carbon fiber, providing a perfect balance between strength and medium flex. This unique construction ensures robustness for tackling any terrain while offering unbeatable dampening for extreme riders who love to send it!

Optional Extras for Ultimate Control 

Evolve renegade bindings

Enhance your off-road experience with Evolve Bindings, seamlessly integrating with the Renegade for unparalleled control and strength. Add a touch of flair with Prism Strip Lights, illuminating your path and giving your rides a captivating aesthetic.

Sophisticated Remote and App 

Evolve renegade phaze remote compatibility.
Evolve renegade app connectivity.

The Phaze remote, encased in a robust aluminum frame, provides intuitive

acceleration and braking. The Explore By Evolve app opens up a world of

possibilities, allowing riders to customize power, acceleration, braking curves, and even track and share rides. Get ready for an unmatched level of control and sophistication in the electric skateboarding industry!

Frequently Asked Questions 

From handling different terrains to rider weight concerns, we've got you covered. The Renegade series addresses stability, weight capacity, truck compatibility, range differences, and much more. Check out our FAQs to get all the details you need for an informed and exciting off-road adventure.

Ready to elevate your electric skateboarding experience? The Evolve Renegade is not just a board; it's an invitation to conquer the wild and redefine your off-road journey.

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