Renegade Off-road electric skateboard
Evolve Renegade with Bindings and Toe Straps
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Black Renegade off-road electric skateboard from Evolve.
Skateboarder getting air on a black renegade off road electric skateboard with bindings from evolve.
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Evolve Renegade Carbon electric skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard
Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Renegade Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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About the Evolve Renegade Electric Skateboard.

The Renegade is inspired by off-road adventuring and designed for the roads less travelled. With its rugged aesthetic, this electric mountain board can go up to 42 km/h (26 mph) and cover distances of up to 50 km (31 miles) on a single charge, fearlessly conquers all challenges, ensuring a genuine All-Terrain adventure for its rider. Equipped with the EFOC motor controller and 6000-watt motors, complemented by a huge  20Ah battery, the Renegade roars with power to take on whatever lies in its path.

With the ability to install our Evolve Bindings, this board pushes the boundaries of what's possible on an electric board. The Renegade is not just a cruiser; it's a true off-road beast designed to thrive in the wild.

New Evolve Renegade Forged Trucks.

The Renegade is fitted with our new Evolve Renegade Forged Trucks, designed and built for maximum strength using the forged manufacturing process. These new trucks are wider than ever for maximum stability, with swappable bushings allowing the rider to adjust the turning capabilities depending on what ride style is desired. 

The Renegade Deck.

At its board core lies a revolutionary deck, a masterpiece of engineering crafted by Evolve. Constructed 

with solid carbon fibre, this deck boasts an unprecedented fusion of high strength and medium flex. The result is nothing short of radness, offering riders a balance between the robustness they need to tackle any terrain and the subtle flex that provides unbeatable dampening for those extreme riders that like to send it! 

Optional Extras.

Our Evolve Bindings are a game-changer for off-road riders. Thanks to the Renegade's built-in binding holes, these bindings seamlessly integrate with your board, offering an unparalleled level of control, enabling you to carve deeper and with increased strength, and providing the agility you need for effortless jumps. With mounting versatility and the ability to use with or without hell straps, the bindings are an epic way to take more control over your ride.

The Renegade is also compatible with the Prism Strip Lights, a must-have for those who seek to add a touch of flair to their e-skate experience. This under-glow lighting system not only illuminates your path but adds a unique and captivating aesthetic to your rides. 

The Remote.

The Phaze remote provides intuitive acceleration and braking through its dual trigger design and shrouds it in a robust aluminium frame. A CNC aluminium frame creates the backbone of the controller, strengthening it with the construction that aims to create a remote that meets the needs of the most hardcore riders. Its advanced user interface allows riders to track previous rides, view board diagnostics information, and control settings such as light colours/modes and speed limits. The Phaze is the most sophisticated remote in the electric skateboarding industry. 

The App.

The Renegade offers more riding modes than ever before. Using the Explore By Evolve app, riders can adjust the total power, acceleration and braking curves to suit their riding style perfectly. You can also track and share your rides and compete against the worldwide community of riders on the leaderboard and, of course, use the app for over-the-air updates for IOS and Android phones. Oh, and did we mention you can use the app to view diagnostic information and apply custom lighting mode to your Prism Strips?

Skateboard Specs.

DECK LENGTH 95cm (37.4")
TRUCKS Evolve Renegade trucks - forged/CNC 31cm (12.2"), 8mm axles.
WHEELS Evolve 175mm/7 inch pneumatic tyres, Evolve all-terrain hubs - compatible with Evolve Street Conversion Kits
MOTOR Dual 3000w-rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors
MOTOR CONTROLLER/ESC Evolve Custom 50V Dual-Motor Driver, FOC motor commutation, Bluetooth connection & adjustable acceleration curves
BEARINGS Evolve Precision Ceramic Bearings
BATTERY 43.2v, 864WH - 20AH - Samsung 50S
RECHARGE 3.5-4hr
REMOTE Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body
WEIGHT 15.7kg (34.6lb)
RANGE Up to 50km (31 miles)
TOP SPEED 42km/hr (26mph)
MAX LOAD 120kg / 265lb
SUITABLE TERRAIN Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads and footpaths
SLIDES Offroad yes, not recommend on sealed surfaces
HILLS 35% +
BRAKING FOC regenerative braking with smooth engagement and adjustable curves
AESTHETICS Tough mountain board look and feel with a medium flex carbon fibre deck

Front and rear LED lights, user customisable control via remote and evolve app


Optional fitment


  • Renegade Board
  • Renegade Force Bash Guard
  • Fast charger (5A)
  • Phaze Remote (leash and charging cable)
  • Y tool
  • Spare screws set
  • Instruction manual

Frequently asked questions.

Does the Renegade handle grass, dirt and trail riding better than Evolves other All Terrain boards? If so why?

In terms of stability, yes. The different style of truck, combined with the wider hanger, gives the board a greater level of stability on all terrains.

I weigh over 100 kg (220LBS), can the Renegade handle my weight when riding?

Yes. Other than heavier riders experiencing a reduction in range, the board will hold up to a heavy rider better than all our other boards due to the new Carbon Fibre deck construction.

Can I swap out the Renegade Forged trucks onto other Evolve boards?

No. The Renegade Forged trucks require and angle mount on the deck of the board, and will only attach to the Renegade deck.

Can I swap out the Renegade battery or battery case for the Evolve Hadean Bamboo?

The battery case itself will fit on both the Bamboo Hadean deck as well as the Renegade deck, however, the motor controller on the Renegade battery case has shorter motor wire lengths, so it will not reach the Bamboo Hadean motor connectors and will cause fitment issues.

Are the motors the same on the Renegade Series as with other Evolve boards?

Yes. However, the rear motor casing on the Renegade does have new smaller hole spacings to prevent debris from getting inside the motor.

Will the 66T drive gear from the GTR and Hadean boards fit onto the Renegade Forged truck?

No. While the gearing ratio is the same, the drive gear is different so you will need the specific 66T Renegade gear to fit the Renegade Forged truck.

Can I use the Evolve bindings on other Evolve boards other than the Renegade Series?

No. The Renegade deck is our only board with threaded inserts to install the bindings.

Can I fit the Renegade with an Evolve street kit?

No, the Renegade is designed to be an all-terrain board only.

What's the difference in range on the Renegade vs the Hadean All Terrain boards?

The Renegade uses a 20-ah Samsung battery compared to that of a Molicel 16.8-ah battery on the Hadean. Depending on how the Renegade is ridden, the range should be a little more than the Hadean boards. Having said that, many environmental factors can effect ride times when riding electric skateboards such as wind, grass, dirt, rider weight, tyre pressure and riding styles.

Why can the Renegade Carbon deck flex whereas the GTR and Hadean carbon decks are stiff?

The Renegade deck uses a different manufacturing process than all our other carbon fibre boards. The board is made by layering multiple Carbon Fibre sheets bound together by glass-filled resin, rather than building a frame, which allows it to be flexible and insanely durable.

Which bushing hardness should I use in my Renegade Forged trucks?

The Renegade comes standard with 60A ‘soft’ bushings and are black in colour, this allows for tighter turning ability when riding. For heavier riders and anyone looking for more stability when riding, we also offer a 70A ‘harder’ bushing which is yellow in colour.


Does the Renegade series have more power than the Hadean series?

The Renegade and Hadean share the same electrical genetics, so you can expect the same level of power from the electronics system. The only difference is the Renegade uses high-capacity cells, meaning more range!

Can I use a Hadean battery charger on my Renegade?


Will the Phaze remote work with any Evolve board including the Renegade?


Can I tighten the Renegade Forged trucks?

No. The tightness of the trucks comes from swapping the bushing inside the spring.

Do the bindings have a quick release?

The bindings use ratchet straps to tighten the pads to your feet. While these are easy to undo, they must be done with your hand and will not automatically release in an accident. Be mindful that if you are using heel straps the bindings are designed to keep you attached to the board at all times.

Can I use other sized tyres on the Renegade?

Yes. 6, 7 and 8 inch tyres can be used on the Renegade, but keep in mind they must be used with the 66T Renegade drive gear.