Unleash your surfing potential

Join the Surfing Revolution: From beginners to advanced surfers, the Boost Electric Surf Fin elevates your experience, while promoting accessibility and mental well-being.

Struggling to catch waves due to lack of paddling power?

The Boost Electric Surf Fin provides a powerful paddling boost, helping surfers catch more waves effortlessly.

Wasting valuable surfing time paddling out to the back lineup?

Say goodbye to long paddling sessions with the Boost Electric Surf Fin's motor, getting you to the back lineup faster and with less efffort.

Feeling exhausted and discouraged during paddle boarding adventures.

Enjoy paddle boarding adventures with more assistance and less exhaustion?

Missing out on the joy of longer surfing and paddle sessions?

Extend your surfing sessions and maximise your time in the water.

The Benefits of a Boost Fin

Effortlessly catch and ride flatter waves in quieter, less crowded stretches of the beach.

With the Boost Fin, distant and serene surf spots become accessible, inviting you to explore the unexplored.

Experience increased mobility and confidence in the ocean with the Boost Electric Surf Fin.

See what our customers are saying.


I had no trouble fitting the boost fin to my old 8ft Howard Hughes mal. It’s been a bit crappy down here on the surf coast, but this 67 year old guy with dodgy knees is really looking forward to having a surf after almost a decade out of the water. 🤞

Donald B.

Does everything that it said it does, for 50 plus old surfer with two damaged shoulders, it’s awesome to get on a longboard again and help paddle in.

Andrew E. 

The Boost Fin does as advertised and is a worthwhile purchase. Its been fantastic for getting out into the lineup without my 55 year old self getting knackered. Also good to boost on waves. Still working out the kinks but I glad to have it.

Russell G.

Did all that it said it would and only 5 days from order to delivery. I'm 77 and this thing is a godsend for me .

Chris h.

Been using my boost on a 9’ 1” mal since first arriving at my place it’s doing everything they promised my goal is to get back to 100% paddle fit and I’ll retire it to the SUP thanks for your service Ben

Phil K.

Totally love it and the service and delivery could not be better.

Bradley M.

This is the best surfing accessory I have ever purchased, I have been using a SUP for surfing for over 8 years been surfing all my life, and at my age (80yrs) I now struggle to get back in the lineup, this fin has helped enormously both paddling out and catching waves...

Brian J. 

Loving it. Everything I hoped for and some.

Chris T.

This has bought a whole new dimension to paddling. Apart from opening up more destinations, (and I ALWAYS check the weather/tide) it provides added confidence should the wind get up and comfort knowing I can battle tides.

Amanda G.

As seen in

Boost Fin Features

800-watt motor for powerful paddling assistance.

Effortlessly catch more waves and extend your surfing sessions.

Lightweight and easy to install on any surfboard.

Conveniently attach and detach the surf fin for versatile use.

Waterproof construction for durability in the water.

Enjoy reliable performance in any water conditions.

Customizable boost settings, allowing users to fine-tune their water experiences.

Tailor your aquatic adventure to match your mood or fitness level, ensuring a satisfying experience every time.


1.2kg (nearly 2.7lbs)




Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, ABS Plastic

Max thrust

20 lbs


16km/h (10 mph)


- 0.7 lb

Battery type

Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh


Up to 800 W


433 mhz

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Reclaim your passion.

Imagine the first light of dawn touching the horizon, the ocean before you, vast and inviting. There’s a gentle hum in the air as you attach your Boost Electric Surf Fin to your board. The beach is quiet, the waves are yours. Each push of the button brings a surge of excitement, propelling you forward, towards waves that once seemed unattainable.You’re no longer watching from the shore; you’re carving through the water, feeling the rush, the freedom. This isn’t just about surfing; it’s about overcoming, exploring, reconnecting. Whether it’s battling an injury, age, or just the monotony of crowded spots, the Boost Electric Surf Fin is your ticket to transformation. It’s not just a quick boost; it’s a companion in your journey towards exhilaration, towards reclaiming your passion and finding peace in the embrace of the sea.


For Surfing:

There are two switching modes – long boosts for paddling out and short boosts for catching waves. All parameters of these modes can be configured through the app depending on your needs. One fully charged battery is enough for roughly 2 hours on and off boosting. And don't worry about it running out in the middle of a session - most times you'll end up using no more than 60% of the battery.

For Paddleboarding:

There are 3 continuous modes with different power levels: SUP Assistance – 100 min SUP Trolling – 70 min SUP Wind – 40 min

Direct link to download the Boost Surfing App: https://boostsurfing.com/app

We spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect balance between shape, power, and battery life. The components are compact enough to where we were able to house them into a streamline casing that allows for minimum drag while paddling or riding.

Propeller pitch, blade surface, and feathering prop are all designed to reduce drag and resistance to a minimum.

The Boost Fin can fit any surfboard or paddleboard, thanks to a variety of adapters that we created. While there are thousands of different board brands, the fin systems are industry-standard in most cases and we have adapters for all of them. The Longboard Adapter is included in the package by default. If you have a different fin slot, we have plenty of additional adapters to fit your surfboard or SUP:

  • FCS Longboard
  • Slide-in
  • FCS 2
  • FCS
  • Futures
  • Futures (Side Fin)
  • Soft Top
  • Flip Lock
  • Wayler
  • Stick-on Fin Box

— Capacity: Nominal Capacity: 3.5Ah, Minimum Capacity: 3.4Ah

— Nominal Voltage: 22.2V

— Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 16.80V

— Max Charge Cut-off Voltage: 25.2V

— Max Continuous Charge Current: 1.5A

— Max Continuous Discharge Current: 20A

— Max Discharge Peak Current: 30A for several seconds for stirrup

— Protection: All protection adopted of the BMS

— Weight: 420g ± 10g

— Max Dimension: 115 × 72 × 20 mm (L×W×T) (Dimension tolerance ± 3 mm)

— Operation Temperature: Charge: 0 C ~ 45 C, Discharge: -20 C ~ 60 C

— Cycle Life: >500 cycles, after 500 cycles in 90% DOD charge and discharge at rated current, the residual discharge capacity is above 80% of nominal capacity

The device is switched on and off by bringing the screwdriver handle with a magnet into the light indication area. The Hall sensor HS1 is responsible for turning on, and HS2 for turning off. A timer shutdown is also possible, the default value is 30 min, which can be configured via the app. The device also turns off automatically when the battery is completely discharged.

After successfully turning on the device, the motor is controlled by a radio remote control with two buttons. The remote can go on your wrist, shoulder, or paddle if you're on a SUP. Button A turns on the Short Boost mode, button B turns on the Long Boost mode. All parameters of these modes can be configured through the mobile app, which can be downloadedhere. Pressing any of the buttons again turns off the motor.

There are two switching modes: for button A – Short Boost, for button B – Long Boost. All parameters of these modes are configured through the application. Pressing any button again while the motor is on will turn it off.

Parameters adjustable for Short Boost, button A: 

Short Boost has 3 work scenarios that are selected and configured from the application:

  1. Smart 1 – the motor is switched on for the set duration and power.
  2. Smart 2 – the motor performs a sequence of starts, first with the parameters of the Smart 1 mode, and then switches to the Smart 2 operating mode with the duration and power set for it.
  3. Smart 3 – the motor performs a sequence of starts, first with the parameters of the Smart 1 mode, and then switches to the operating mode with the Smart 2 parameters, then switches to the Smart 3 operating mode with the duration and power set for it.

For each of the modes, it is possible to set two parameters: the duration of switching on in the range of 1 – 7 seconds and the motor power in the range of 80 – 115%.

To smoothly turn on and off the motor, you can set the number of steps for a gradually increasing motor power until the set value is reached, up steps (1 – 7) and down steps (1– 7) for a smooth motor stop. Time for one step 0,25 sec. These parameters work as follows: If Smart 3 is selected, then up steps are included before Smart 1 and down steps after Smart 3.

Only one of these scenarios can be assigned to button A, but it can always be changed through the application.

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