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ASR 8' - Kids Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Package

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Kids Inflatable Paddle Board Package

This inflatable paddle board is the perfect way to get your kids off of your board and into that much sought after independence that will make you proud. Designed with kids 5-15 in mind.

The Sea Gods Family has been working on this board since our 4 year old first stood and Paddled into shore on her own. Artist Olivia Di Liberto (Chillivia) came to our deck to meet our kids and sketched out their heart's deepest desires. This board will check all the boxes in your child's SUP wish list.

Hand crafted with premium materials and stocked with the highest grade accessories, this complete package is ready for adventure when you are. Enjoy peace of mind with Sea Gods lifetime warranty.

Three integrated rubber fins to get your little-one in and out of the water with no hassle.

The paddle is the perfect kid size adjustable, rugged aluminium nylon paddle that will grow with them.

This board will be easy for your little SUP star to carry, paddle, manoeuvre and if they get tired and want to jump back onto your board, it will be easy to hitch up and tow behind your board until they are hungry for freedom again.

ASR stands for Adult Supervision Required. Just in case you thought it was your day off *Always wear PFD's and use the safety leash*

All the same great features as the other Sea Gods boards, just pint sized.

All the things that make this the Best Kids Paddle Board!

  • 8' x 28" x 4.5"
  • All Around
  • Flatwater
  • 20 PSI
  • Strong and Light
  • Easy to Ride
  • Complete Accessory Package
  • Kids Logo designed by Disney artist Miles Vassos
As part of our commitment to the environment, Sea Gods has replaced plastic packaging with new corn based eco-friendly compostable packaging.

    Kids Paddle Board Dimensions & Measurements:

    • Length – 8 foot
    • Width – 28 inches
    • Thickness – 4.5 inches
    • Weight- 17 lbs
    • Rider Weight- 35 lbs Up to 120 lbs (Suggested for best performance- but will hold the Adult on the back to teach paddle strokes, no problem)

    The ASR Kids Board - Full Body Specs:

    • Super reinforced 12800/M2 Drop Stitch Fabric
    • 7mm Strong and Light PVC
    • Durable, Rigid, Tested above 20PSI

    Reinforcement Layer

    • ULF technology Fusion layer to seal drop stitch fabric
    • Holds perfect board shape
    • Creates high strength air tight body
    • Machine Laminated directly to drop stitch
    • Durable, rigid, impact resistant
    • Ultra Light Fusion (ULF) Technology is the Strongest and Lightest construction
    • Exclusive UV printed graphic


    • Double Reinforced Military PVC
    • Heat molded seams for longevity
    • Integrated seam reinforcing strip

    Deck Pad

    • Diamond pattern high traction EVA pad
    • 4mm thickness and 50A rigidity
    • Exclusive Bonded graphic

    Kids ISUP Accessories

    • 3 Piece adjustable Aluminum Nylon Paddle
    • Paddle length 50-60 inches
    • Nylon blade 6.25 inches x 13.5 inches
    • Front 4-point tiedown with bungee
    • Center Integrated comfort grip nylon weave/neoprene handle
    • 29PSI rated Inflation Valve
    • Wheelie Hiking Backpack carry bag
    • 8’ Sea Gods Coil Leash
    • 3 integrated rubber fins
    • Dual Action High Pressure Inflation pump


    Please note - our boards have beautiful artwork but it is like a paint job. It can scratch and it does wear. Please ensure you read the included manual and follow the care instructions.

    One More Safety Note to keep your kids safe, we like to be on the water with our kids when they paddle. Be Ready to Rescue should they hit the drink or weather changes.