Dope Grip Pro Rectangle - Padded grip tape for skateboards

Dope Grip™ Tape Pro - Plain rectangle

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Grip Tape for Electric Skateboards

This Dope Grip version is plain, uncut and rectangular in shape. It comes in two sheets and so you can trim it to fit any long skateboard shape. For best results, use a box cutter to easily trim your Dope Grip™ Pro.

Dope Grip™ have incorporated a pressure-sensitive cushion into their grip tape for absorbing vibrations and adapting to your shoe under high pressure (e.g. cornering, braking, accelerating), giving you much better control over your board, exactly when you need it! Of course, it also features our extremely rough grip tape.

Beginner or pro, your skateboard will feel brand new with this grip tape!

Grip for

  • Any skateboards, long boards
  • Any electric skateboard shape
  • Onewheels
  • Monowheels, EUC's.

Super Grip

The special grained grip tape sticks to your shoe like crazy and makes slipping impossible in dry, wet, and dirty conditions.
The hard grain on this grip tape is much sharper and developed to provide maximum friction. Riding barefoot is probably a bad idea ...

Shock Absorbing

Rough roads? Not a problem. Our cushion absorbs shocks helping you to stay on the board and prevent foot fatigue.
Adopted from industrial engineering, this material is the best shock absorber used in high-tech machines exclusively... until now. 

Pressure Sensitive

DOPE GRIP™ adapts to your riding by creating a temporary micro-drop around your shoe that locks you in while you corner.
Our low rebound formula reacts to the high pressure applied during a turn and immediately recovers to its original state afterward.

Dirt & Wet Performance

Slippery conditions? Grip it and rip it! When other grip tapes give up, we just get started. DOPE GRIP™ sticks to your shoes no matter which weather conditions you face. Dope grip tape was specially designed to provide maximum grip when contaminated or wet.

Fast Application

Changing your grip tape is easy with DOPE GRIP™. With simple application, you're back on the road in 10 minutes. Check out the fast application technique here.

Size and dimensions

2 sheets width: 24.5cm × length: 35cm


Dope Grip is made in Germany