Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive
Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive

Lacroix Falcon™ gear drive

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Lacroix Falcon gear drive

The design brief was a heavy one; make a gear drive that is easy to adjust, very quiet and also looks great. 

After multiple iterations, Lacroix was proud to present the Falcon™ drive. 

The result is a very quiet gear drive thanks to the helical gears but also very easy to adjust thanks to its one of a kind, cleverly engineered elliptical mount, the OMMA™ (Oval Mount Mesh Adjustment™ system). No more awkwardly holding the motors to adjust the gear drive. Just rotate the OMMA™ and the gears will mesh precisely to your liking. 

Made out of hardened steel and POM, Lacroix's precision cut helical gears feature a 4.2;1 gear ratio (close equivalent to a 18T-72T gear ratio).  

The Falcon™ is 100% backward compatible on all Hypertrucks™ (we provide the longer axles needed).

Why the name? Because it looks like Han's rig. Pew-pew. 

Will be mounted on your board if you order at the same time


  • one left and one right gear drive
  • all hardware, seals, bearings and adapter for our 6389 motors and MBS Rockstar2 hubs.
  • new longer Hypertruck™ axles to make the Falcon™ drive work.  


  • 6389 motors

NOTE: The "Installed on board" price deduction only applies when a compatible Lacroix board is in the cart.


More info:

They offer some seriously crazy performance upgrades,

  • They are fully sealed, no more rocks/dirt/debris of any sort getting in your drive.
  • They are much more silent than belt drives, the only thing you'll really notice is the sound of the motors chime when you hit top speed.
  • Performance wise, they are extremely responsive to how you ride. Throttling forward feels much more linear and responsive, it's a night and days difference. The Falcon gear drives are like nothing else.

Maintenance doesn't require very much, you may need to add grease once in a blue moon and do some cleaning after quadruple digits in terms of miles. These drive's are meant to last and give you the best optimal performance we can offer for our boards. This is the way.

The Falcon Gear Drives are locked at a 4.2 gear ratio at the moment, we will possibly offer more options in the coming future! We include a set of axles that are also made for the Falcon Gear Drives as they use a wider profile axle in order to operate.