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Side view MBS 8 inch Dirt tyer yellow

MBS T3 Tyre 8" Knobby

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An all terrain tyre for electric and off road skateboards

These 8" tyres fit the Evolve 7" hubs. 

The design of the T3 tyre builds upon the tried and true performance of the T1 by using similar tread elements in new ways. The result is a great new tread with increased durability and multi-terrain functionality. Split Center Bead modeled on traditional T1 bead. This design element combined with a flatter profile puts more rubber on the ground. This increases overall durability as well as traction on pavement. Center Channel helps to channel water in wet conditions. T3 knobs provide excellent grip in soft terrain such as loose dirt and wet grass, or on harder terrain with low tire pressure.



Tyre size: 200mm x 50mm
Hub opening: 3.8" diameter (97mm)
Weight: 7.8 oz (221.13 grams)

Pricing per tyre. You'll also need the 8" inner tubes sold separately here.


Side note: Some people spell tyre as tire. Tire is the US English. Tyre is UK English.

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