Black Off Road Tyres 7” front view
All Terrain OFF ROAD DIRT Tyres 7”
Set of Off Road Tyres 7” in black
Set of 4 Off Road Tyres 7” in blue
Set of 4 Off Road Tyres 7” in blue
All Terrain OFF ROAD DIRT Tyres 7”
All Terrain OFF ROAD DIRT Tyres 7”

All Terrain OFF ROAD DIRT Tyres 7”

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Evolve off road all terrain knobby tyres 7"

Evolve’s off road tyres for electric skateboards are awesome and they have now made an off road tyre version specifically for use for the rougher all terrain surfaces! Strong sidewalls mean more tyre strength at lower pressures. They’ve used a thick and hard compound rubber to make them last longer than ever before and a tread pattern giving you better traction for those loose terrain surfaces like dirt and grass! These tyres are compatible with the Evolve 7” Hubs and come in black or blue colours.

To fit them

To fit them, you will need to remove the wheels from your skateboard, release some tyre pressure, unscrew the hubs, so the two halves of the hubs come apart. Then take the old tyre off the hub and place the new off-road tyres back on the hub and pump back up to desired pressure before installing back on the skateboard.