Components of the Handlworks Controller for Super73 S2-E and RX-E
Close up of the Handlworks Controller for Super73 S2-E and RX-E
Display part of the aftermarket controller upgrade for the Super73 S2-E and RX-E
Controller Upgrade for Super73 eBikes
Controller Upgrade for Super73 eBikes
Handlworks controller upgrade installed on a Super73
Controller Upgrade for Super73 eBikes

Controller Upgrade for Super73 eBikes

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SUPER73 Controller Upgrade by Handlworks

A third party component of the Super73 eBike system designed to improve the stock bike performance by taking over the operations of the bike. This controller removes the need to use the Super73 app.

The HANDLWORKS plug-and-play upgrade kit is designed for easy installation on Super73 ebikes.

The kit includes a controller with harness and display, seamlessly integrating with your stock vehicle.

The pre-flashed controller comes with a base tune providing a substantial performance boost of 2500W, resulting in approximately a 30% acceleration increase and a 10% top speed increase, as demonstrated by tests.

Please note: Installation of this aftermarket controller will void the bike warranty from Super73 and Ben Buckler Boards. 

HANDLWORKS plans to release firmware versions to support various upgrade tracks such as different voltage and power, ensuring adaptability as users enhance their vehicles, with the updates conveniently flashable to the BAC system.

HANDLWORKS is founded by former engineers and product professionals with extensive eBike and tech industry experience, HandlWorks goes beyond OEM standards, aiming to maximize the potential of eBike ownership. They invite enthusiasts to join them in pushing the limits of electric mobility.

Dyno testing chart showing stock Super73 R controller vs Handlworks controller.

Performance chart showing the stock controller vs the Handlworks controller



  1. What is the performance upgrade from this kit?
    Handlworks tests show an acceleration increase of ~30% and a top speed increase of ~10%. You will be able to select ride modes via the new display (no more app interface).

  2. What are the ride modes?
    Mode 1: 750W, 32km/h top speed
    Mode 2: 1200W, 45km/h top speed
    Mode 3: 2500W, 56km/h top speed

  3. Does this void my bike’s manufacturer warranty?
    YES !!!!

Legal Disclaimer: HANDLWORKS is not affiliated with any specific bike brand or manufacturer.  HANDLWORKS design and sell after-market accessories to work with many popular brands and models. The “ASI” name and mark is the property of Accelerated Systems, Inc. Use of the “Super73” or other brand names, the names for other specific bike brands, and any specific model names, is strictly to show compatibility with specified bike brands and models. We don’t “hack” into any proprietary OEM systems - Handlworks replace original systems with their our own.