How are you getting to work this year?

There’s a bit to unpack when it comes to talking about the work commute in 2020. Arguably the most frustrating (and unavoidable) part of the working day, the dreaded peak-hour commute is also responsible for high costs, loss of productivity and carbon emissions. 

Australians will spend, on average between $7432 and $14639 driving to work per year. This factors in costs such as petrol, insurance, and parking. From an environmental perspective, those who drive to work are contributing to Australia’s second largest cause of greenhouse gasses. Each vehicle creates, on average,  4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

What about those using public transport? When it comes to cost, individuals can spend between $1261 and $1958 on public transport each year. In Sydney, the average commute has blown out to 71 minutes a day, and as populations in major cities rapidly grow, the infrastructure is facing a race against time to avoid a capacity crunch. Major cities have experienced an average population growth of 16% over the last ten years, with Melbourne leading at 24%. 

So when commuting comes down to picking the best of a bad lot, is it time to rethink how we get around? Yep. You know what we’re getting at. It’s time to consider an electric PMD. 

A PMD stands for a personal mobility device, incase you were wondering. For all the aforementioned reasons, you’re gonna be giving out some favours to the environment, your back pocket, and your health all while having a lot more fun. For longer, door to door journeys, you’ll be best with a Super73 bike. For shorter or first and last mile journeys, look for an easily portable electric skateboard, like an Evolve GTR or Stoke, or a Boosted Mini X or Stealth. If you’re about turning heads, show off and have fun on a OneWheel Pint or XR

Whatever you go for, you know you’re going to be saving yourself time, reduce your carbon footprint, and reducing travel costs this year. And best of all, it’s fun, so let us help you turn the part of the day you dread into something to get excited about. 

Need help deciding what’s best for your commute? Drop into our showroom to test ride and learn from our experienced riders or call us anytime on 02 8318 1657